Runwin Store

Runwin is specialized in domestic, industrial and commercial infrared heaters. They all have contemporary design and can become great supplements to any interior.

Runwin infrared heaters are 3 times more economical, they require no systematic charge and constant service control unlike gas heaters. There is no need to obtain a permit for their using. Runwin infrared heaters have a distinct advantage - a high quality heating lamp that doesn’t burn oxygen out.

Runwin Company submits its own innovative solution - a high quality heating lamp Golden tube with special chemical layer that can filter UV rays to avoid glare. This allows more infrared radiation and thus more heat.

Runwin product range and variety of installation methods (floor-, wall-, ceiling-mounted) make possible minimizing of space for heaters operating. A rugged structure is weatherproof and has easy assembling process. A great option of accessories makes Runwin heaters more comfortable and mobile for using.

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