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Runwin MILAN

7795.00 грн.


Runwin Milan is a pole infrared heater that has firm and rugged construction made of high quality material.
This unique model was produced for heating and illuminating different open spaces like arbors, verandas or outdoor areas in hotels, restaurants and bars.
The heater has an energy-efficient LED lamp on its top that consumes minimum electricity.
A high-quality lamp (1500W) heats instantly and works with 220V standard system. The light of the lamp is always soft. Thus there is no need to use other illuminants. It is well known that illumination is very important for comfortable atmosphere and may change the whole interior.
If the heater is tilted or knocked over, the auto off switch will activate.
Protection from accidental contact with the heating lamp is a metal grid with heat-resistant function.

height 180cm
net weight 17kg.

The heaters are usually used:
 in country houses, cottages, villas, on the balcony or veranda, in arbors and other open spaces
 in restaurants, hotels, bars, indoor\outdoor areas
 in mobile studios, for tents and parasols
 at the events, presentations, parties, caterings
 in amusement parks
 in trade and exhibition centers.

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